The Office of University Compliance and Integrity University Policies

Policy Development

Ohio State approves, issues, and maintains all university-wide policies using a consistent process and format. All new and revised university-wide policies must go through this unified process prior to being issued or changed. Different process steps are involved depending on whether a new policy is being issued or an existing policy is being substantively revised (material or minor), non-substantively edited, reviewed and confirmed current, or retired. The University Policy Process Flowchart provides a helpful step-by-step overview. (accessible policy process flowchart)

The university policy process is managed by the Office of University Compliance and Integrity (OUCI). Individual policies are owned by Responsible Offices charged with developing, updating, administering, communicating, training, ensuring compliance with, and providing resources to promote adherence to university policies that it issues. Contact the OUCI policy team at for additional information.

Ohio State's policy process is guided by these principles

Criteria to Determine if a New Policy is Appropriate

The University Policy Process

Types of University Policy Changes

Types of Governance Documents at Ohio State

University Policy Review Committee

Policy Process Tools