Policies at Ohio State

This website provides convenient access to policies that apply across all of Ohio State. You can search for university policies by name, issuing office, or key search terms. Use the navigation menu to locate policies under review, find the most recent new and revised policies, and learn about the university’s policy development and review process.

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Note that this site includes only university-wide policies. Check with your unit for additional local policies that may apply to you. Also, you can go to the Board of Trustees website for bylaws and rules approved by the Board of Trustees.

New and recently revised policies

Sexual Misconduct, 1.15 Issued: 10/01/1980 Revised: 08/14/2020
Payment Card Compliance, 5.15 Issued: 03/01/2007 Revised: 07/01/2020
Furloughs, 4.50 Issued: 07/01/2020 Revised: -
All new and recently revised policies


Policies are grouped together in content-related categories to assist individuals unfamiliar with the administrative organization of the university.

7 policies
Academics Policies and rules related to academic matters.
41 policies
Business Practices Policies related to accounting, budgeting, purchasing, travel, and other business and finance functions.
11 policies
Facilities and Safety Policies and rules related to safety; roads, buildings and grounds; and health issues.
3 policies
Fundraising Policies related to fund-raising and how such funds may be used.
9 policies
Governance Bylaws, rules, and policies providing the framework for university governance.
56 policies
Human Resources Policies, rules, and contracts related to the work relationship with the university.
7 policies
Information Technology Policies related to computer systems, access, data, and related issues.
12 policies
Research Policies related to faculty, staff, and student research, its funding and commercialization.
4 policies
Student Life Policies related to all facets of student life from admission through graduation.