Policy Summary

Student Employment, 10.10 - Updated on Jun 01, 2013

The basis for student employment is to assist in meeting the needs of the university, provide university students with financial support in pursuit of their academic goals, and provide opportunities for academic or administrative job experience. The job duties and responsibilities of student employees vary greatly, and may or may not be related to their field of study. A student employee is defined as an individual who is: Enrolled at the University on a full-time or part-time basis Appointed to a position designated as student employment; Associated with the University primarily in the pursuit of an academic degree.,The University maintains a distinction between student appointments and ongoing regular appointments. These distinctions may include but are not limited to nature of work, hours worked, rate of pay and benefit eligibility.,Graduate students holding graduate associate appointments (Graduate Administrative Associate, Graduate Research Associate and Graduate Teaching Associate) are salaried employees, exempt from overtime compensation and subject to the terms of appointment, policies and eligibility guidelines administered and monitored by the Graduate School.,Employment of international students is subject to federal regulations, and special restrictions may apply. Contact the Office of International Affairs for information relating to the employment of international students.

Responsible VP/Dean: Andraea Douglass, Senior Vice President for Talent, Culture and Human Resources